About us

Our Short Story

Tracey Davis has worked in service and process provision for many years; firstly in the advertising industry as a production and office manager and then from 2002 as a part-owner and the Managing Director of a family-run SME - Millwood Servicing Ltd.

Tracey came into Millwood when there was only a few members of staff and a turnover of around £250K and worked alongside her family to create what it is today - a £2.4 million t/o company and 31 members of staff.

She was instrumental in the set up and implementation and improvement of every operational process and procedure of the company. She has extensive experience in HR; especially recruitment, progression and mentoring; client liaison especially tender bids and wins; compliance and accreditation eg H&S and ISO; client account liaison, finance, credit control and IT.

She has now left Millwood to follow a different path and part of this is the creation of: CompliancePlus.

With CompliancePlus she wishes to help other businesses who are experiencing the time-consuming pain of going through all that she has already gone through and helping them avoid making the mistakes she made herself. She knows how hard it is to grow a company from small to medium-size and can help using her knowledge and experience to assist them in running a fully functional successful business.

Our views

Our Concepts
Our Mission

Mission – To provide a swift, excellent, precise business structure service to companies and small contractors to enable them to concentrate on their day to day work. To take the stress of compliance work away to help them build on their strengths

Values – honest, approachable, timely: 
Honest – we will always be honest with you
Approachable – we will always listen to your needs and you will be dealt with in a friendly and meticulous manner
Timely – we will always do your work in the time-scale you require it – consider your work done and done well when you give it to us

Our vision

Vision – To help other companies achieve what they set out to achieve

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