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Welcome to CompliancePlus – we are here to help you today with all your business structure needs, so you can concentrate on your day to day work.

We understand how time-consuming all the business and office management part of running a Company can be, and how it can stop you from getting on with the job in hand (the bit you are good at!). We also know that most smaller companies don’t want to or can’t afford to employ regular staff or expensive consultants but are concerned that perhaps not all compliance and admin needs are being met?

This is where we can help – we have years of experience working on every aspect of running a business and can put an answer to every problem you have!

Pass us your business requirements today, confident that your work will be carried out swiftly and professionally – giving you the time to do what you love.


What we are doing
Client liaison
Client Liaison

We have years of experience of working with all types of clients: large and small in all aspects. We can attend difficult meetings with you as support or perhaps help you plan in advance your strategy, we can help write difficult emails, plan annual budgets, write up meeting notes, plan and write full project briefs, analyse finances to see where savings can be made and can represent you over the phone, by email or in person if you require. Call us today with your client requirements


We can help with all your finance needs. Do you need help with getting on top of your invoicing? Are you months behind in sending invoices out? Are you struggling with credit control and how to set up a credit control process? Do you want help in creating your management accounts or department analysis? Would you like to see things set out easier to track your gross profit or see where you are spending most your money? Give us a call today to take all this off of you and free your time up!

Tender Bids
Tender Bids

Do you want to go for larger contracts or government opportunities but don’t know the first place to start? We can help with all your tender bid needs from tender searches, portal help, tender submissions including a full graphic design service to submission and (fingers crossed!) interviews and site visits. Let us take these projects off of you today!

Online Support

We have experienced all the HR woes first-hand! We can help write policies and procedures, prepare for difficult meetings, set up recruitment processes for you and carry out interviews if you require this. We can check on subcontractor eligibility, run background checks, help with setting up DBS checks. If you are experiencing HR issues let us know and see how we can make your life easier.

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